As an attorney, I’ve helped people through a multitude of life events, both the expected and the unexpected. I remember receiving a note from a recent client, and the first line made me smile: Thanks for all your help getting us started being adults and all. 🙂

Having their first child prompted them to take more control of their future. We discussed their fears about the unknown and how certain events would affect their family. We discussed their parents and siblings, their professional and personal lives, and their financials. Then we discussed a plan to control what they can.

Soon after our meeting, I referred them to an accountant, set up an LLC for one of their businesses, and emailed them draft documents for review.  They asked me why?  and how?  and who?  mostly about their Wills and Powers of Attorney. When they were satisfied with the control they gained over their present and future, we implemented their plan. And I held their baby while they signed their documents.

When you have a life changing event – marriage, divorce, children, job change, or a death in the family, let me help you control what you can.

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