How Jane Can Help You

Estate Planning

Estate Planning isn’t just about what happens after you pass. A key part of planning is also about ensuring you and your assets are taken care of in the case of incapacity.

Jane’s Basic Estate Planning package includes HIPAA, Health Care Powers, Living Will, Financial Powers, and Last Will & Testament.  Jane also work with families and individuals in creating or updating a Trust.

Included in the Basic Estate Planning Package are Peace of Mind discussions in which Jane will guide you on how to avoid probate, choose guardians for children (and avoid them for adults), whether the titles on your assets do what you desire, and how to handle incapacity & debt. Jane will also conduct a thorough review of asset titles & beneficiary designations.

When completed, your Estate Planning Binder will keep your legal documents, assets, liabilities, and beneficiary designations organized as a great resource for you and your loved ones.

Probate Administration

Probate is a legal process that reviews and distributes a person’s assets after they pass. Probate becomes necessary when a loved one passes without a solid estate plan or beneficiary designations on their assets (i.e. assets that are in the decedent’s name alone).

Jane has guided many families through the probate process in Northeast Ohio.  She supports clients whether they are in charge of administer estates or they are beneficiaries.