What clients & colleagues are saying about Jane

Wonderfully Compassionate

“As I’ve said before, I simply can’t thank you enough for your kindness. You have been wonderfully compassionate to jump in and support us on such a short notice.”

Marcie Probate Client

Clear Communicator

“No one wants to do Estate Planning, but Jane lays out a roadmap of what to do, how to do it, and why, all in perfectly normal English, not legalese. Gathering all the information together is not necessarily fun, but it is such a relief to have all the the data in one place.”

Jo Estate Estate Planning Client

Knowledgable & Well Connected

“Jane was extremely knowledgeable and experienced, with an impressive network of contacts to call on when issues fell outside her own areas of expertise. She supported me every step of the way.”

Lynn Probate Client

Professional & Engaging

“Jane Flaherty is one of those rare combinations of professional expertise, personal integrity, and civic commitment.”

Michael E. Bennett Vice President of External Affairs, Cleveland Leadership Center

Putting Minds at Ease

“Thank you so much for taking care of my dad’s estate in such a timely manner. You were very good at explaining the paperwork and helping him through the process. It puts his mind at ease knowing his estate is in order and his wishes will be fulfilled.”

Angie Estate Planning Client 

Commited to your success

“Jane’s legal expertise was matched by her unflagging personal energy. From our initial consultation to the closing of the estate, I could feel her commitment to my success.”

Ann Probate Client & Estate Executor

Making an Impact

“We are so thankful for the time you gave us. In a short space of time you impacted our lives richly and we are indebted.”

Barb & Daniel Estate Planning Clients

Focused & Forward Moving

“Jane Flaherty is a person of action; she consistently identifies the correct steps to move projects forward and maintains a clear focus on achieving the project goals.”

John Barber Senior Vice President, KeyBank